Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Where do you find a decent guy? Please tell me!

I had a good conversation with a friend the other day. We are both hopelessly single. It is depressing as heck. When we were kids we used to think... Go to college, meet hunky fabulous perfect guy, finish college, get married, have kids ---> LIFE!

Well.... I'm sorry to say it just doesn't work out that way. LoL.

Where did you meet your better half?

Ps. Happy 200th post. Thanks to all who have inspired ideas and posted comments!


  1. Ah, your better half. Met my husband in grad school. But that whole perfect life plan of finish school, get married, have kids isn't always perfect. Your journey is whatever it is.

  2. haha. I was in a funk earlier. lol.

  3. We're all taken Erika ;-)

    I met my wife to be when I interviewed her for a job.... she got it!

  4. Happy 200th post! I met Mike online ;)

  5. I met my first hubby at a night club...that is a long story...married for 23 years 3 kids..then divorce...then I met the man I truly believe I am to be with...and I met him on line.....

  6. too...well sorta

  7. I like this particular post of yours.:) Since I am living in Malaysia, for us in Malaysia, decent guys are hardly to be found since most of them are either married with kids or DEAD.

    Love from Malaysia

  8. I am my better half. Some may frown on that sort of thinking, but it allows me to not be dissapointed. ;)

    Kidding aside, stop looking and he or she will find you.

  9. I met my significant other through war time correspondence (at eMail Our Military
    ) after 9/11. Maybe you'll meet someone nice too. Ya never know!