Monday, February 26, 2007

What I Really Meant to Say

I have to have at least one meeting every quarter being an RA. Here are my notes from the meeting I had tonight. In red is what I would really like to say. But can't because that would be unprofessional! *Gasp* It's all in good humor. Please don't take me too seriously.

Room Checks are coming up very soon. It's that time again. Remember how you all got paranoid, panicked and freaked out last time? Do that again, it was great the entertainment. Especially when you realized I wasn't going to root though your stuff. you got worried about nothing.

If you need any maintenance done in your room you can fill out the form online.
Please be sure to be very detailed in your request. Room # building #.

Good luck with that by the way. Nothing EVER gets done.

I will not be doing the checks so make sure everything is in order. You will get a notice beforehand.
You're worried that a different RA checking your room will be more strict. Truth is I do everything thoroughly and correct. You will actually probably get off easier with out me doing your room checks. No need to fret.

If you are underage, NO alcohol is allowed to be in your room.
But I imagine it's there anyway. So please hide it.

As a reminder, if you are under age – there should be no consumption of alcohol anywhere in Tower. Even if you have friends that are of age, remember there is no drinking in the common areas, stairwells or hallways.

Remember Cleanliness Pigs. Well I guess at times I can fall into this catagory as well. but most of you are really really gross!

Your room AND your bathroom!

Bunked beds

Make sure that when you move out you un-bunk your bed. They will charge fees if the room isn’t left how you found it.


No windows should be opened at any time. Be aware that you can be fined for this. Not to mention it throws of the AC/Heat for everyone in the building.
Don't act like you didn't know. Do you read ANYTHING that has been passed out?

Smoking / fire hazards

NO smoking – ANY substances. Please keep an eye on any food you may be cooking – especially popcorn!
Weed is an illegal substance. Popcorn in the microwave for 10 minutes tends to catch on fire. I HATE getting up to a fire alarm at 2 am


It is your responsibility to keep bedroom doors and suite doors locked at all times. Not locking doors puts yourself and others at risk.
I don't understand why you leave them unlocked anyway. I hope all your stuff gets stolen. then maybe you will learn. Just kidding...


Please be aware of the noise level and time. NO RUNNING in the halls. It is simple respect for other residents. As it gets warmer outside, please keep in mind this includes noise level outside on the patio. Many rooms are affected by noise out there. I hate you.


You are responsible for your guests - their noise level and behavior. Can't you go to their place?

PLEASE READ YOU HANDBOOK. Remember that paper you signed? Yeah, I didn't think so...


  1. Top post Erika. You're becoming bitter and cynical, I must be rubbing off on you ;-)

    Give it to 'em straight!!!

  2. Sometimes your tongue will bleed when you bite it hard enough (to keep from saying all the stuff in red!)

  3. i always say the stuff in red... it's better to just say it, because who really cares in the end.

  4. Jane Grossman2/15/09, 11:46 PM

    Ha, now I know why my RA always had that look in her eye. Also, as to the maintenance, that was one of my work study jobs when I was in undergrad. Nothing gets done because there's a stack of about 200 work requests on any given day, and admin fires people when THEIR stuff doesn't get done first. Also, when 22 year olds' mothers call and complain for them, it moves everyone else's work reqs to the bottom of the pile.