Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dear Mom,

I hate Lifecourse Criminology. I got a B on the midterm. That is not going to happen on the final. in fact it will not be anywhere near. It's not like I didn't try to study. The book got away from me. Some how it flew from my hands and splattered on the opposite wall. Please forgive me for possibly failing. I'm tired and must get some sleep. There is no way I can force that Red Bull down my throat. It is disgusting and it isn't going to make me any smarter.

At this point all I want to do is pass. I'm praying for a D-.

I will never again take 18 credit hours while having three jobs.

But look on the Bright side. I got an A- in Statistics!


Your Extremely Stressed out Daughter

UPDATE: I ended up getting a 74 (C) on the exam.... which brought my total grade down to a B-.... but heck I'm HAPPY!


  1. If you give it your best shot, even if it is a tad late, you know that's all I ask. OK, so things got away from you. Tomorrow comes...a new day. Is it time for me to tell you how poorly I did in college...and lasted ONE year? (That did involve a few D's, ahem!)

    Do your final, and enjoy the awesome weather you're having. Have a great Spring Break sweetie.

    Dig in and get the job done!

  2. you are the worlds best mom.

    PS why are you up so early?

  3. haha I MIGHT BE THE VALIDICTORIAN! and i'm graduating with my second degree! ... not to mention all the other awards i got in film!!

    if you can't join them, deal to them... hahaha no i'm just kidding...not i'm not...haha

  4. Anonymous Swany,

    Hope they don't count off for SPELLING!!!

    PS...if you hit the LOG IN button you won't be Anonymous anymore, lol.

    See you at graduation! Oh, when is it again?

    Love you!
    Go Mom! Score! (Or as they said back the MY DAY...I tagged you!)