Thursday, March 1, 2007

Friday Flashback

"You owe me 2 dollars!" I heard that almost every day of middle school. I used to steal my sisters clothes and she would CHARGE me when she found out. On occasion if I asked ahead of time sometimes she would let me wear something. But usually it was a NO. Do then I would say, "Please can I wear this shirt, I'll give you 2 dollars..." We were so evil to each other. I would catch her with something of mine, did I ever get two dollars, NO.... But I think tried doing it to my little sister when she wore my clothes. I can't remember if it worked...


  1. Funny, but my sister didn't like me borrowing her clothes, either.

  2. You made the best gingerbread house :)

  3. I figure you owe each other a lifetime of being sisters! Now pay up!