Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I Need a Root Canal

So right now I'm pretty doped up on pain killers at the moment. My tooth has been hurting ever since I got my cavity filled a while back. So today I decided to go have it checked out. Turns out I need a root canal. That sucks. Whats worse is that I can't get it done until the 14th! That is forever away! I had pain killers left over from when I thought i broke my leg, So i took two. Yes yes I KNOW i shouldn't take medicine that was prescribed for something else... yeah yeah yeah, but it is a painkiller. A pain killer is a painkiller. So I took two(it said I could) because it was really hurting. I'm super dizzy and staring at this scren probably isn't helping :-)

Anyway. It seems like I have posted a lot of songs lately. I seemed to have tapped into my creative side or something. Well today during all my tooth pain and visit to the dentist I remembered another good ol' song.


  1. Bad luck matey... careful with the medicine ;-)

  2. Thats does indeed suck. hope the time flies by without too much pain.

  3. Holy cow.. Do you have a sign on your head or something that attracts pain to you?