Saturday, March 3, 2007

It's Official - I Can't Get a Break.

Skittles, I think the sign on my head reads, "Disasters strike here please!"

Tonight I had agreed to watch Jake, a 3 and a half year old and his brother Duke (nickname), a 1 yr old.

Before the parents left Jake sneezed and his mom wiped his nose and told me "I think he has a little cold, he had been sneezing a lot lately." Mom and Dad left, Duke was sleeping and Jake and I were watching Ice Age. All was going good.


Jake got of the couch, faced it and started pucking ALL over it. I instinctively grabbed him up and ran to the hardwood floor. However, when I grabbed him and moved him.... he left a nice long trail along the way. I set him on the hardwood floor where he threw up 3 or f4 more times.

Once he stopped I called his mother, she said she will be right back... I gave him some Tylenol changed his PJ's and put him to bed.

The baby woke up so I fed him and put him back to bed...

I then attempt to clean up the mess. Why is it you can NEVER find the stuff you need at someone else house when you need it? I searched high and low for some rags or wash clothes (that didn't seem "nice") and had no luck. I finally came across something and tried to clean a little of it up.

Then I hear more screaming. The kid had puked ALL over his bed. Sheesh. I take him out of his PJ's again, but this time I don't put more back on.

We then headed to the kitchen until mom and dad Arrived home. Poor kid.

Did I mention I gagged the whole time. I cannot stand the smell of vomit.

Anyone want to know what he had for dinner? My guess turkey, cheese and rice?


  1. ewwww!

    well, i finished my taylor pictures! so go read my myspace blog and take a look!

  2. Just the thought of your ordeal makes me GAG!

    Swany's pics are awesome!

  3. Urggh! Poor you, the thought of cheese and rice vomit has made me be a little bit sick in the mouth!lol!
    But really that is not good, you did get paid i hope?

  4. I don't do well with vomit either! Yikes! I surely would have started throwing up with him!

  5. Oh yuck! What an awful night!

    I once got puked up spaghetti. I slept on the top bunk and it slid down the wall. My mother had to have my dad clean it up because she couldn't even walk into the room without almost getting sick herself.

  6. That is so gross! I can't stand the smell either.

    I hope you got paid a nice bonus for all that!

  7. then only paid me for an extra half hour! wooo who 5 bucks.

    I should have gotten more... Lol

  8. Oh, you have my sympathy... little kids can be fine, than bam! Exorcist impression in all directions! :-(

  9. Oh no!!!! Yuck yuck yuck!