Monday, March 5, 2007

New Header

I think I shall change my header every month. Or at least try to.

This one...

Is a picture I stole from my Momma!


  1. From icicles to sunny beach.

    GREAT contrast!

    Don't let the picture fool you tho, even tho it was 75 and not windy (a rare occurance), the water was so cold you couldn't even wade in it...and is like that all year!

  2. that's why florida's beaches are soooo much better! the water here is warm and you can go in pretty much anytime! the views aren't as nice but the water is warm and nice!

    we are totally going to the beach when you guys come! weeee it's gonna be so soon that's fucking awsome!

    YOU BETTER BRING BRUGGERS! MORE THAN THE 20 DOLLARS I ALREADY GAVE YOU FOR BAGELS! i want wildberry, strawberry, and veggie cream cheese. and a dozen everythings, and salt and rasin, and the everything square bagels, and onion and garlic... yeah i want 2 dozen!

    and ale-8 if you can find any! i bet when you go through some near cincinnati gas stations in kentucky you can find some! ohhhh bring some!

    and those chips... in a white bag, the salt ones... fuck i forget what they were called... mike sells?? or something... i'm not sure they are the reeally salty and good salt chips...

    yeah i like food!

  3. I'm just happy to not find out about more stitches or anything :)