Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Not all Exams are Bad.

One of my classes that I have enjoyed is Police Organizational Management. Mainly it's because of the professor.

For our final we had three different situations and we had to write up how we would deal with them. One was a big sporting event coming to town, another was a Mayor complaint about slacking officers, and another was dealing with unmotivated officers.

I turned in my reports this morning and already got a reply.

"You have a real future in administration. You already think like a chief. Have a great break.

Prof. Beck"

Niiiiicce. That made my day.


  1. So what were your answers??? :)

  2. I would give you the answers.... but you wouldn't understand then with out the question.... and the scenarios were like a page long themselves... I am to lazy to type them out :-)

  3. can't get much better than that! kudos to you! :)

  4. What a wonderful compliment! I bet it made your day.