Sunday, March 25, 2007

Who Else Makes Six Figures On Spring Break?

Spring Break was pretty good. I drove down to Orlando Florida with my younger sister and her boyfriend to see my older sister. My sisters boyfriend visited with his parents while the three sisters (+1) "hung out" AKA "bitched at each other."

We went to both parts of Universal. For free. It was pretty sweet... but an amusement park is an amusement park right?

The craziest thing that happened all week - I hit 100,000 miles on the drive home, somewhere in Tennessee.


  1. Hello Erika with a K. I saw you on Nevins.

    That didn't come out right.

    I mean, I saw you on on his blog.

    Still sounds wrong.

    I saw your post on his blog.


    Anyway, I came over to check you out. Road trips? Funny songs? D minuses? Cincinnati? Root Canals? I like it. Thank you.

  2. The scale of your country still amazes me.....

    How long has it taken you to hit 100k?

    Have a good break? Soon be summer! :-)

  3. Glad your home, musta arrived after my bedtime, lol.

    The minivan hit 100K, remember that classy ride?

  4. That means it's just getting broken in :)

    Welcome back!

  5. It has only taken me 6 and a half years! I've done a LOT of driving!

  6. ahah i have 330,000 on a 98 VW! word!

  7. I remember when my first car hit 100, was an exciting day. Right now I'm at just over 21K on my "new" car. And actually sad that I've put that many miles on it so fast!

  8. Did you take that while you were driving?!

  9. haha my sister did! but yeah.... they are a LITTLE shaky! lol