Tuesday, April 24, 2007

10 Ways to Be the Stereotypical College Student

Drink massive abouts of beer.
This however cannot occur through the typical cup or glass. Beer must be shotguned, bonged, gulped upside down (kegstanded?) or swallowed by the rules (you must be playing a "game")

Belong to Facebook

Screw yourself by waiting too long to schedule classes, get stuck with an 8'oclock and then proceed to over sleep everyday and miss it.

Have "at least" one "one night stand"

Add and drop classes religiously.

Learn to steal the food of your roommates/housemates and learn to cook that and anything & everything else in the microwave. Forget what 'fresh' means and what fruits and vegetables are.

Know the pizza delivery man on a first name basis.

Own a cell phone, forget to turn it on silent and accidentally allow it to ring during class - especially on exam days.

Give directions not by street names, but bar names and where people live. "It's on the same street as Woodys," "You know where laurens house is? well you take a left after that, then a right. Then it is right across from the Pony Keg - You can't miss it."

Acquire the taste for red bull, coffee, caffeinated beverages and or pills.


  1. So tell me...are you a "typical" college student? Hmmmm?

  2. Well, I guess - once again - I am NOT typical. :: sigh ::

    I don't drink beer. I didn't even know what Facebook was. I don't do one night stands - who has the time!? I usually stick with the classes I get ... And who the heck can afford pizza as a student!? I don't know about bars ... and caffeine is not my friend. See how boring I really am!? LOL

    Though, I admit I do sometimes wait too long to schedule classess ... And I do steal food from Chel regularly, and the microwave is my friend. Well, and my cell phone has embarassed me greatly in class ...

    Maybe I'm not so much a lost cause ... only a little?


  3. Haha its okay. I'm not typical either, but PLENTY are.

  4. yeah, that list is way off.. we don't do any of that...

    did you get my link on myspace to my almost done website? take a look and tell me what ya think!

  5. I'm about half typical...then again, I'm not just a "college student". I'm in Texas.

  6. I was a nerd - not typical.

  7. I trust you have never done any of these....? ;-)

    (PS. Have a linky love tag)

  8. We have pizza every Friday night. Mike calls, gives the phone number, and they know what we want without us telling them!

  9. Happy Friday Erika - I've awarded you the thinking blogger award - come see . . . :)