Wednesday, April 4, 2007

How Do you Take Your Water?

Straight from the tap (faucet)?
Fresh out of the creek/stream/pond/puddle/river/ocean/swamp out back?
Hose water?
Cold w/no ice?
With tons of ice?
Light ice?
In a cup?
In a bottle?

Who knew there were so many ways to have a glass of water. I like mine different ways.

For soccer when I was younger... and because we never had ice with all three of us in sports. We would take one of those large water bottles, fill half of it with ice and freeze it overnight. Then right before we left for practice we would grab it out of the freezer and fill the rest of it with tap water.

I always carried around water with me in high school. But I liked it cold, so when I thought of it I would put a bottled water in the freezer the night before. I would then pull it out in the morning as I was leaving and drink the water as it melted throughout the day.

I don't like my water with ice when I'm drinking it from a cup. A water bottle is okay, but there is something about the ice cubes interrupting the flow as they press against my lips. Damn cubes get in the way. (I HATE my pop with ice. It melts and totally ruins the flavor!)

Bottled vs Tap water. I don't really care. I like to reuse bottles. My own though. Reusing someone else's empty bottled water bottle is just germy.

I do not like Dasani water. It comes in a blue bottle and tastes like plastic. EW.

I hate flavored water.

Also there is nothing better than taking a drink out of a hose on a hot summer day. I don't care if everyone says bugs crawl up there and die. It's good dammit.


  1. I'm not a big konasoor (I can't spell) of water.. but I appreciate those that are:)

    fyi - I can't remember if I told you my new blog site - I had to delete my old one (eastoforegom).. replaced it with

    anyway - that's where I am.. take care and happy THURSDAY!!

  2. EW! I hate WATER!

    But it's consumption is "in the rules" I do drink it. Guess I'll have to drink even more of it now that I'll be living in hotland.

    I do NOT like Dasani or Aquafina for sure.

    Love you, LOVE your When I'm settled I'll do better!

  3. I love water! Mostly from my brita with crystal light in it.

    Oh, and water out of the hose on a hot summer day is great!

  4. I love water. I drink more water than anything else (plus, its cheap!) I will drink it just about any way...bottled is easy for convienience...however, tap water is fine as well. And...Dasani water is NASTY...haha.

  5. You don't like flavored water!?! I like the Canada Dry lime sparkling water. I also like the Aquafina berry and citrus waters -- I think the flavor masks the taste of the plastic. I keep a Brita pitcher in the refrigerator at home for cold, filtered tap water.

  6. If the hose has been running for 10 minutes or so, maybe....

    But if it's been sitting in the sun for a few hours.... look up 'cryptospiridium' and tell me if you want that in your gut :-(