Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's True.

I'm going on four years of college and I have never been to the Library.... Well the one here anyway. The first school I went to I visited it a few times. The second school I went to I visited it only to sit in and study. Did you know I had my associates already? Well now I'm here at main campus working on my bachelors and have never been to the library. It sounds funny and makes me look stupid. And no, I don't know where it is. Though I do have a general Idea. When you really think about it though, with how much we use computers today... you really don't need to go to the library. I can access all kinds of journals and articles through my schools library site, so it is very helpful.

Why bring this up you say? Well one - becuase I think its Ironic, two - because I have an assignment due tomorrow and I need to get a book on reserve, and three - I have to get my little sister to give me a tour and show me where things are tonight! haha.


  1. tsk, tsk, tsk!

    baby sisters are pretty cool!

  2. I went to the library for the first time today!! Ok-so, I went to this same school for undergrad and did go to the library a few times, but i've been in school all year and this was my first time there. Hopefully...it will also be my last.

  3. HAha awesome! I didn't stay long :-)

  4. haha nerd! i'm not sure we have a library...haha