Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Spring is Back... For the Day

It is a beautiful 68 °F / 20 °C out and there is not a cloud in sight. Though I slept most of the day (yes, I missed class), I enjoyed what I could of the day. I did a little spring cleaning on my car and it is almost sparkling. I cleaned out all the miscellaneous trash, cleaned the windows, wiped down the dashboard and door panels, and I gathered up some clothes and shoes I had tossed in there... There was even some stuff left over from the road trip to Florida!

So basically my car was a mess... and now it's not. I still need to vacuum, clean the carpets with my handy dandy carpet cleaner (best thing I've ever bought), and get a quality car wash(it's going to rain tomorrow).

Do you keep your car clean? Or is it always a mess?


  1. Crazy news over your side of the pond...

  2. we just got AAA today! it was 60 bucks for me and brandy to get 15 months of AAA service! fucking cool right! and that means tomarrow i'm having my car towed to the VW Dealership and getting my car fixed! and then i can get new tags and then i can get a liscense for my car and my motorcycle and then get insurance and then.... damn that's enough already!

    yeah, i'm excitied!

  3. My SUV is always littered with kid stuff (trash, books, toys).

  4. I try to keep my car clean. But I live on a gravel road so it gets really dusty really fast. I need to do the spring cleaning on it this weekend.

  5. My car gets as dirty as the console will hold, lol. Once that little box is full it gets an overhaul. The dust in the air is like no other lately, so we've already washed the car once this week at the coin car wash!

  6. I keep the car clean.

    My wife messes it up.....