Monday, May 21, 2007


I do my fair share of babysitting. There is one particular lady that I help out here and there after my normal babysitting job or work. Her husband is out of town a lot and I come over around 5 or 6. I usually stay until around 8/8:30. Initially I took this babysitting job becuase I figured "Hey it's money." They told me that she (the mom) would be home while I was there, but she just needed "a little help with Ava." I figured that I would be watching Ava while her mom did laundry, cleaned or did some other kind of "work." Well I was wrong. They basically just pay me to be there. It is weird. Aparently the mother has been battling some depression which I totally understand and am GLAD I can help... but I just stand there. WE take Ava outside. WE go for a walk with Ava. WE sit and watch Ava watch TV.

It just weirds me out a little. I was talking with my own mother... we figure that she is just lonely or possibly afraid of herself??? SHE asks me to come over, it's not like her husband calls me. It makes it hard for me too, she doesn't discipline the child or have any rules (a 2 year old) and I'm so used to being around kids and telling them "no you can't have a cookie", "sit down and eat", or "no sorry you cannot do that!"... you can't exactly do that while the mom is right there and letting her child walk all over her. haha. It is just WEIRD!

I was talking with the lady I babysit for regularly, who lives on the same street... You'd think all women would have it... but some people just don't have the "Mommy Gene" (I know that is really weird for me to say as a 22 year old college student)

The thing that sucks the most. They are moving becuase of her husbands job. They have family here.... a SUPPORT SYSTEM... and they are moving! Yikes. Wish them well... and keep this woman in your thoughts (and prayers if you do that sort of thing)!!


  1. I feel sorry for that Mommy!

    Sending her good vibrations.

  2. Yikes! That is a little weird. Hopefully she finds some good friends where they are moving.

  3. Oh that is a sad situation indeed, i have babysat for some very strange folks before and its weird how some don't have any support at all from friends and family.