Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I've Got a Case of the Deadlines

This is our last week of classes before exam week. I have a huge paper due tomorrow that I have only somewhat started on and it is now 12:20am. I'm really really praying that those kids sleep a lot tomorrow because I have some MAJOR work to do on that paper! I don't feel comfortable using their computer yet so I will attempt to bring my laptop... I guess it's better that way... I can't get online. Speaking of online. I'm swearing off AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) for the rest of the week, as well as limiting my Facebook and Myspace usage. Its just gone overboard. I'm addicted and its stupid. Blogging is a different story. I feel that it is a good outlet. I figure a little reading and writing can't do any harm (though I should be writing that paper).

I have continued with the working out. I managed to do 10 continuous minutes on the elliptical. Which to me is amazing. I think I started out in the beginning at 2 minutes. I also did some fast paced walking on incline and some bike. My stomach is way to sore to start back on anytime soon... though it needs the most attention. It feels so good to work out... and normally I dread it. Tonight I was in such a funk (depressed and cranky) and the work out seemed to really help. I do think I enjoy late night work outs better... plus I can watch Jay Leno while I exercise... so it makes the time pass.

Breakfast. I usually never was a breakfast person. but with waking up SO early and a semi long drive to work, I just GOT to have it. I never liked the thought of drinking yogurt... but let me tell you - Youplait Light Smoothies are so darn good. They come in peach (my fav) and strawberry. I don't really know if they are good for me or not... but I don't care too much, because it is really the only dairy I get. I'm not a milk person OR a cheese person.

So those of you that know something about nutrition it has:
Calories - 90
Total fat 0g
Sat Fat - 0 g
Trans Fat - 0 g
Cholesterol - 5mg
Sodium - 120 mg
Potassium - 260 mg
Total Carbs 18 g
Dietary Fiber 3 g
sugars 9 g
Protein 6 g

VA 15% VD 20% Calcium 20% Folic Acid 4% Phosphorus 15%



  1. By itself, it's not so bad, but is that all you're eating until lunch? And does eating (drinking) only that leave you STARVING for a less-than-nutritious lunch?

    I know, you don't want to hear that, lol...

  2. no way i snack all day haha

  3. That would be me too. Eat something healthy, then continue eating - sometimes healthy, sometimes not. But for me, I love cheese...mmmmm - but its probably not the best thing in large quantities.

    Way to be on working out. I actually envy you.