Sunday, May 6, 2007

She Blogs...

My older sister has been sucked into blogging. You can see her HERE


  1. weee

    ok now how the hell do i add you and mom and how the hell am i sposta find friends and shit?

  2. I can put me on there if you would like. you can click on Template to mess with it. You find people by looking at other peoples blogs ... being NICE... and hoping they comment back.


  3. hahah screw being nice. i'm not fake and i'm def. not fake on the internet.

    people will figure out i'm way cool and do everything they want to do... so they'll come to me... i just put a blog up so i can have one on my website...more eye candy to look at

    Swany's Site of way coolness

    so do what ever you have to do to make it work and i'll figure it out... how do i customize my blog? i wanna change the whole layout and add my own.. can i do that? change the background to a picture and make the sections in cool boxes.. is that possible? can i add flash?

    yeah get back to me cause you never answer my calls...

  4. LOL! Sounds like you have relationship with your sister like I have with my brothers!

  5. You're going to have to set up the "other" Anonymous up with a blog.

    I didn't pick the name Anonymous for any of MY kids, lol...just because I never got the names right DOESN'T count.

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  7. so did those firefox extensions/add-ons work out for you?