Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Your Input Here Please

Does anyone have any suggestions on improving my blog? anything you don't like about it?


  1. Oh i KNOW...work on your research paper instead of your blog?

    Dunno, just sayin', lol.

    It's great! I do like it when you change your photos more oftener.

  2. That was my idea, too. Photos. Even though the images on our blog aren't usually taken by us...its still fun to see pictures!

    - Chel

  3. Switch to Wordpress? ;-)

    Seriously I don't think it needs any changes. Loads fast, looks clean, not too many widgets and doesn't automatically play music at me :-)

  4. I found your blog from the Cincinnati Group in SumbleUpon and I'd have to say that you don't need to change anything. I stuck around for a while checking things out and I have a terrible attention span.

    You might want to check out Wordpress or Tumbr. Both are very cool. I think Wordpress will import all of your old blogs from blogger. Also, you might want to checkout buying spillitnow.com. Godaddy says that is expired over a month ago. It should be available to be purchased soon.

    Good luck on your bet with your mom and with your time in the police academy. The academy a lot of work. My brother-in-law is a cop and he really went through a lot, but it was worth it.