Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another Online Addiction Revealed

I'm addicted to the internet. I'm not going to lie. Bloggs, Facebook, MySpace, AIM. You name it I'm there.

So I thought I'd let you in on another one. I'm a HUGE dork and I love playing scrabble. I play on Yahoo, though they call it Literati, but it is the same as scrabble. I'll be first to admit that I'm not sure that half of the words I put down are words until I hit submit. I play against my mom, who I usually call to ask if she wants to play. Over the last few years, we have discovered a lot of new words and things like AE and AA that are accepted by the board. She usually beats me, but I have the occasional win... like tonight!

If you play... lets schedule a time for me to kick your ass... if you never have played... I suggest you go try! I would not recommend playing with "just anyone" though ... Me and my mom are fairly quick... sometimes you can get stuck with a person who takes a 5 minute turn. Blahhh


  1. Hahah!! I play literati too!! We used to play on the weekends at work, till they started cracking down on us. I remember the first time we used the word "AA", I thought that was hilarious.

    I challenge you to a duel!

  2. My personal Rocket Scientist loves that game, dislikes getting stuck with the hem-hawers too.

  3. Get back to work Erika!