Sunday, June 24, 2007

Blogging Homearama

I have been in a bit of a blogging slump lately. I have been very busy with work... but there are SO many things I would like to write about but I'm afraid that I will Jinx myself. LoL. So I think it is best just to keep my mouth shut for a while.

I did go to Homearama Last week here in Cincinnati. It's basically a bunch of HUGE million dollar houses you get to walk through and gawk at. They were amazing... but after you go in one... it seems like the rest are pretty much the same. I was surprised to see that they all had relatively all small kitchens. I think the focus this year was the Porch (the "outdoor living area") My friend I was with made a good point... HELLO! you live in CINCINNATI. You will use that area.. what? 3 months out of the year total. IF THAT. lol. But as far as them bing the same... they were all huge. They all had a really nice basement tv area with bar and they all had a huge porch. we skipped a lot of the upstairs in the houses becuase there just wasn't much excitement... and it was SO crowded!

This was my favorite house. Not becuase it pretty much had a FULL Bar downstairs... but becuase it had a court yard. The house surrounded this awesome courtyard. It was SO cool.


  1. hey, my single wide trailer looked just like that on the outside!

    courtyards are nice, nobody but you looking at yourself, as in, no neighbors watching you sit on your porch those 3 months, while you watch them sit on theirs.

    i may have you beat on the bugs...for 2 falls[autumn] we had male taranculas [sp] strolling the streets looking for love!! YUCK. smaller than the female, but still SPIDERS.

  2. If I paid that much for a house my kitchen better be BIG. Well.. (looking at that house).. maybe I could cope. :)