Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Yesterday I went and purchased a monthly tanning pass. Yes I know tanning beds are bad, cancer yadda yadda yadda... I even think they are bad. However I haven't had much time at ALL to get out and lay the sun (which is basically the same thing right?) So tanning is what my game plan is for a little bit. I'm not trying to get black or anything I just want to glow!

This is not me... and its not THIS bad.

Anyway I though you would all find it humorous that I have beet red back and a perfect outline of the bra I wore in the bed. :-/

So far the lots of lotion, ibuprofen and cold showers have been my cure. Although I really want to try some of these home remedies. Not becuase I think they will work... but becuase it will give me something to do ;-)

*Just add milk.
Be soothed by vegetables.
Soak yourself in diluted vinegar.
*Heal with oatmeal.


  1. Oh ouch! I've never done the tanning bed thing. I'm always afraid of getting stuck, not knowing what to do or someone walking in on me. -Yes, I'm a very strange person.

  2. "You're a baaad girl, go sit in the timeout chair!"

    Gentle hugs!

  3. I hate getting sunburned. Hope you're doing well. Get plenty of aloe.

    Oh, and listen to your mom. Go sit in the timeout chair (in the shade).

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  5. I always ALWAYS used to plan a part of my day for "laying out." I'd go out on a sunny day with snow on the ground even! The vinegar was my tip. Oh.. and aloe.