Thursday, May 31, 2007

Friday Flashback

One morning my older sister was driving us to school. At the time she was driving her black 98 VW Bug. We were about half way to school, when we heard this CluNK, ClunK, cLUnK. We noted that is clUNked faster as we sped up and ClunKed slower when we slowed down. At home she parked in a temporary garage (the tent ones you can by at Walmart) and it was winter. Late as usual for school... we kept driving. We thought maybe we were dragging a sled becuase we kept them in the back of that little car port. We went as far to think that maybe we were even dragging the cat.

I guess when we finally got to school we had forgotten becuase we were in a rush... When We got out that afternoon... We realized she had a flat. D'OH.


  1. Did the same thing with Benny's old woody station wagon. Pulled out and drove all the way to JPs with a flat, thinking, "What the heck IS THAT NOISE?"

    Sometimes we just REFUSE to listen to the obvious!

  2. Dragging the cat??? LOL

  3. but did you know how to change the flat?

    I've only done it once. My dad made me do it just in case there ever came a time when I'd need to change a flat tire. That was a looooong time ago. I probably couldn't do it now!