Thursday, June 7, 2007

I Don't Blame Them

I don't blame the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department or staff of the Century Regional Detention Center. I wouldn't want to deal with her eaither. However it is totally unfair. I know I wouldn't get released from jail TO MY HOME for medical reasons. As a typical person in prison... you would have to ride it out or go to the hospital. As one of my co workers said.... "If I was released from prison to her home... It would be like a vacation for me..." (becuase her house is probably so nice).

UPDATE: hahaha she is back in jail!


  1. I totally agree and think this was incredible!

  2. I agree with your friend.

    Can you imagine the reality show she could have taped during her home arrest?

  3. It's good she's back in jail. Let's see if she lasts more than 3 days this time.