Thursday, June 21, 2007

Love Nature, Hate Bugs

I was laying down on the couch watching Jay Leno when I felt this tickle on my arm. I looked down and see a millipede scrambling around with all its tiny icky buggy legs.

So now I'm FREAKING out with the creepy crawlies becuase I just killed that millipede that I flicked off my arm. They are seriously EVERYWHERE outside... and at night (nocturnal I guess). Does anybody know why??? I don't remember them last year? maybe they came in the mulch they put down this year? How do I stop those little pests! EW EW EW EW. They need to STOP comming in my room!!!! EWwwwWWwWWww.


  1. EW, those make nasty dreams at night too, lol.

    Get yourself some bug spray that is for spraying the perimeter of the inside of your room (and don't forget the window).

    They are likely just all hatching right now, if you look up in the trees I bet you'll REALLY be grossed out, lol.

  2. Ohhhh YUCK! It was ON you???? *shivers*

    I named you as a Rockin' Girl Blogger today and you can go get your badge. :)

  3. Very common here in India, and it usually is found in places that is always really damp.