Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Remember Kids...

... Only you can prevent wildfires. (didn't it use to be "forest" fires?)

Anywhoo, there was a almost fire right outside my building over the weekend. Someone threw a lit cigarette in the mulch and the mulch was smoldering. It was about a 2ft by one foot area. I was wearing flip flops, so instead of pouncing on it I took about 20 great big cup fulls of water and poured it on top.

I stunk like a camp fire afterwards.... but much better than my place on fire!!


  1. You'll be a terrific Park Ranger!!!

    (dh says in April 2001 the Slogan was updated to 'wildfires'.

    Dh also says:
    Do you know why Smokey never had children?
    Every time his wife got HOT, he beat her with a shovel!

    OK, OK, it's just a joke!)

  2. glad you put the fire out AND saved your toes :)

  3. Yay!!! You saved the building!!!

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