Tuesday, July 3, 2007

8 Random Things

I've been tagged by Shelby
"My instructions are to discuss eight rather random things about me.
Hey - I think I can do that."

1. Last night I got in a fight with a woman at the grocery store. Just words. But It would have been great to sock her in the face. Everyone else wanted to too. I could tell. She left not once but TWICE to go "put something back" ...she was in front of me. I didn't feel like pushing her cart up so I moved in front of it... along with another customer. Hey bitch you snooze you loose. When she came back (with more things) she asked me "why did you do that?" I told her if she is still grocery shopping she shouldn't get in line. I also told her that I didn't feel like pushing her cart up. She said "If you loose some weight maybe you could" I told her "that made you seem real intelligent, congratulations" ... what I should have said... "bitch that lip liner isn't actually supposed to outline your fucking lips, its only to add a LITTLE pop. You look like fucking bozo the clown. And learn some fucking English."

2. I'm going to Arizona in less than a month and I CANNOT WAIT! Heyyy momma!

3. Though I get carded about everywhere I go, because I might look like I'm 12... I have recently looked in the mirror and felt "older" I don't know how to explain it. I just feel like I look older. It's weird I know. I'm only 22... maybe it's the tan?

4. This girl likes guy. But doesn't know what the hell is going on in guys head. Typical right?

5. I love arts and crafts. I like getting messy but my creations are always neat, organized and proportional. I think I get this perfectionism from both my mother and my father... the creativeness... Is 100% from my mom.

6. I think outside the box. I can almost always think of a more logical, easier, and effective way of doing something than you are. My way is always better. LOL. This is how I think anyway.

7. I am a very shy person. However I won't hesitate to say what is on my mind (when appropriate). It's weird.

8. I like say like a freaking like lot. This is something I'm trying to work on.

Now I tag YOU!


  1. ohmygoshI'm sooooooooo bothered by that woman bothering you!!

    She was so rude. There is no sense in doing what she did and what she said! Good grief.

    on the plus side - yay for your upcoming ARIZONA trip :)

    the guy thing - been there (long time ago).. hang on and hang in there is all I can say.

    take care and happy tuesday evening.

  2. I did this meme a few weeks ago. It was very hard. I am terrible at revealing things about me past that day...hence the reason for me to blog. It is my memory. LOL...

    Anyways, I also agree the lady at the grocery store was out of line.

    Arizona is a beautiful state. It is one of the few I could live in. I especially like the area around Flagstaff. Have fun while you visit no matter where in the state though...it is beautiful area.

  3. It's beautiful here, you'll love the area but I don't think you'll be cool with the heat, lol.

    It's going to be 115 today, "but it's a dry heat". WOO-HOO, that makes me feel better.

    I do love it here and can't wait to see my babies! Oh sorry, ADULTS.


  4. You should have clocked her after that rude comment she made.

    I wish I was going somewhere good for vacation. Hope you have fun.

  5. this is ur best friend here- i cant believe u didnt tell me about that bitch at the store! i would have beat her ass! girl u need to tell me when that shit happens so i dont have to read it on here 2 weeks later! now it will take me longer to hunt her down!