Friday, July 6, 2007

Friday Flashback

Creek walking.

Did you ever go creek walking as a kid? We sure did. I used to go mostly with my old friend Rebekah. She lived a couple houses down. I would guess that we would at least walk about a mile.. We'd step from stone to stone and where it got deep we would walk on the banks... but most of the time we would just trudge right on through.

I remember passing one house who happened to have a deer head hanging from a tree in the back yard. It was absolutely disgusting... You can imagine the stories we had about why it was there. I know now that it was probably up there becuase it had been hunted and was being... um drained or something? For display later (actually I still don't KNOW, but that is my guess)? It was gross, but we looked for it every time we went. It eventually disappeared. Animals ate it, so we thought.

We would walk and walk and be out there absolutely all day. Our toes were nice and pruney when we got back.

I remember one time my sister and her friend (Rebekah's brother) made it all the way to town via the creek... they called my mom and she went to pick them up.

...Those were the days...


  1. My creek walking friend was Roberta. I can't remember her last name, but her dad was the preacher. She always got picked on like I did. She was younger than me and my parents always sort of picked on me for hanging out with her.

    We used to walk the creek though jumping from rock to rock too.(Not allowed on bank. LOL) The one that fell in first, had to buy the other a bag of chips for lunch the next day. I don't think anyone besides us knew we were doing this. We would go up and down the 4 miles of creek that we were allowed to be in...basically between her house and mine.

    She moved though, I think back to Maine. That is where her family was from and she always talked about loving it there. I never heard from her again though...

  2. Creek walking was and still is one of the great simple pleasures!