Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Flashback

My dad was my soccer coach growing up. I was your typical soccer coach kid. I played where I wanted and the whole game. I would like to be modest here, but I really was good (unfortunately I lost my "goodness" somewhere between middle school and high school.) Anyway my skill level isn't important...

What I want to remember here are the memories.

*Once I was playing goalie, and randomly got a bloody nose. I had no idea what to do. I didn't want to sit down (what you do if your hurt in a game) becuase I wasn't really hurt... i was just thrown off.

*Hair scrunchies. Remember when it was a fad to have one of the parents take a bunch of fabric strips (team color of course) and tie them around a hair band for everyone? I had many of those. SO stupid and ugly. I only wore them becuase everyone else did.

*My hair. My hair had to be back in a tight ponytail with NO BUMPS. I would scream and cry at my mother if it wasn't perfect (sorry mom), and then I would coat it in hairspray... which would eventually sweat off into my eyes at some point during the game.

*Cooling Off. Cincinnati is incredibly hot and humid. I would take my water bottle, dump it over my head and pour water down my shingaurds to cool off.

* Half -time snacks. My favorite. There is nothing better than sinking your teeth into a nice cool orange slice on a hot sweaty summer day.

*Phillips Park. Where just about every home game was. I won't forget the field, losing balls over the fence, playing in the woods while my sisters had games, the playground, the snack bar. Great Place. I have been back.... and that place seams A LOT smaller.

*Flags. My mom once made flags our parents could put on the car antennas. I'm sure we were in some kind of tournament or something? or maybe we were just that bad ass.

*Trophies. I think I finally tossed them all at one point. But I had a billion. Any team my dad coached, we won.

*Running around before practice trying to figure out where I threw my shinguards and shoes the last time (they were never in the same spot). We also did this for games, usually we could find the shirt and shorts... but never the two socks.

*The soccer tan. This is more of a high school memory becuase I'm sure I didn't care/mind/notice when I was younger. The soccer tan is when you are tan on your knees only (also just arms, face and neck). Your shingaurds come up to right below your knee and your shorts above your knee... so this made tanning before dances a necessity.

I wish I was home to find a picture to include in this... I will have to see if my mother has one I can post!


  1. The flags were awesome.


    1)The moisture or heat from the glue gun left flag stripes and number impressions on the ping-pong table..oops.
    2)They flapped in the breeze so hard they broke Rundo's antenna off his car..oops.

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  3. Gotta love AYSO! I think every kid plays soccer at one point. I had my AYSO soccer ball was the favorite hump toy of our rabbit long after I surpassed the need for it.

  4. Man..I remember sports back when I was a kid. I didn't get to play soccer very long, but I did play baseball. Good Times!!