Monday, July 30, 2007

Get Out of my Head!

"Spider Pig, Spider Pig..."

"Freeee credit report dot com"

"Priceline negotiator"

I have no more original thoughts. I officially am owned by TV and it's ads.


  1. No, no, no, I have you beat!

    "The Villages... Florida's friendliest hometown!"

    God, please tell me you've heard this! It's been running for YEARS and everytime I hear it I want to cut myself!

  2. haha yeah I have heard that one! Been there too. nice place for the old folks haha.

  3. "There ain't no bugs on me,
    There ain't no bugs on me!
    There might be bugs on
    some of your mugs,
    But there ain't no bugs on me!"

    Cute little puppy...disgusting little jingle. Ask dh and watch him roll his eyes!

  4. Oh nooooo... free credit report will be stuck in my head all day!!!!

  5. When you're in town here, you must have heard the ad for the Cincy Zoo. It has the worst little ditty: Zoo, zoo, zoo! Zoo, zoo zoo!

    I've been hearing it every morning on Channel 12 as I'm getting ready for work. Arghhhh!

    Oh, and thanks to everyone else for getting their pet peeve jingles stuck in my head.

  6. Ohh I HATE that zoo one!!