Saturday, July 14, 2007

I am In Love with Google

When you go to Google Maps to get Directions... You get your typical highlighted line from point to point with miles and an approximated traveling time listed.

This is great. Just like ever other mapping website.... But I just figured out the other day that you can now drag and drop the line. I LOVE this feature. Sometimes the computer just gives a silly route, or doesn't know the back roads. Now you can adjust your route to your liking!

As a kid I used to ride my bike around town a lot. I probably shouldn't have because they were fairly busy roads... but I would ride down to the store for candy or to my moms work to bother her. There were a lot of different routes I took, often cutting from one side of town to the other by using the Loveland Bike Trail. I was curious to see how many miles the long route was, so I did some adjusting on google.

10.9 Miles!!! 23 minutes by car. All day by bike.