Saturday, August 18, 2007

Brain Block

I have been stressing over decisions about graduating, delaying graduation (they say these are the best years of my life.... I need an extension), possible grad school, deciding on when to go to the police academy, and contemplating traveling out of the country next summer for the first time ever!

So last night I decided a tentative plan.... and now my brain --> Kaput.

Because I really have nothing to write about I will share some "Great Finds" that I have been hording.

Simpsons Gone Indian
*Flash website

Wits End
*Great Blog

Homepage Setup
*Set-up a personalized homepage. I'm so going to use this for all the blogs I read.

I just love this

I hate onions

*I only really put this up here for my mom.

Well are you?

Nail and toothpick art
* I really like this. People are so darn creative.

Fishing for Buck$

...So if your bored.. go have a look.


  1. I would say if you don't have a legitimate gameplan post-graduation, you might want to put off grad school. That's a big move, you know, and you want to put a lot of thought into something like that.

  2. That nail and toothpick artist is amazing! My husband actually showed me his art yesterday. Such talent!

    Good luck on your desision making.