Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Oh Car.
A whole ten days I gave you a break.
I was enjoying the sunshine in Arizona
while you were parked in the shade.
Then I come home
and you feel neglected,
so you start whining with some whistley noise.
And you even start to cry
all over the pavement.
Then I push you
and you wont go.
You refuse to follow my command.
Time out for you at the dealership.
You fucking piece of shit.

My car is on the verge of a breakdown, while I'm on the verge of a meltdown.


  1. Right there with ya, girl. Love the prose.

  2. I'm loving the "fucking piece of shit" bit.

  3. Sorry sweetie! Isn't it amazing, you drive 2500 miles across the States without one leave it all by it's lonesome and it craps out!

  4. Getting a new car, huh?

    I have surprise news on my blog!