Thursday, August 23, 2007

(Early)Friday Flashback - Letter People

In Kindergarten I specifically remember getting Letter People coloring pages. I found them so exciting and could never wait to find out what the next one was and to color it! I did some "research" online. And found that the Letter People used to be a TV show... and was in existence way before my time ;-) ... so is this bringing up memories for anyone else?

Miss. A - Achoo
Mr. B - Beautiful Buttons
Mr. C - Cotton Candy
Mr. D - Delicious Donuts
Miss. E - Exercise
Mr. F - Funny Feet
Mr. G - Gooey Gum
Mr. H - Horrible Hair
Miss. I - Itchy Itch
Mr. J - Jumble Junk
Mr. K - Kicking
Mr. L - Lemon Lollipops
Mr. M - Munching Mouth
Mr. N - Noisy Nose
Miss. O - Obstinate
Mr. P - Pointy Patches
Mr. Q - Quiet
Mr. R - Ripping Rubberbands
Mr. S - Super Socks
Mr. T - Tall Teeth
Miss. U - Upsy-Daisy Umbrella
Mr. V - Violet Velvet Vest
Mr. W - Wonderful Wink
Mr. X - X
Mr. Y - Yawning
Mr. Z - Zipping Zippers

This post is early because I'm off to CHICAGO Friday morning!


  1. omg I freaking LOVED the letter people! I remember watching it all the time in kindergaten. I need to find some old videos of it and make my 1st graders watch it!

  2. Loved the Letter People!!