Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Flashback - Sam the Monkey

I grew up in Loveland Ohio and there is a bike trail the runs right through the heart of town - appropriately named "The Loveland Bike Trail".... well that's what we called it anyway.

We would often head (what I'm going to guess) "north" on the trail and our turn around point would always be "Sam the Monkey"

Who is Sam you ask? Well... I remember him, but not well. I tried to do some research online and found next to nothing. I thought maybe I'm searching for it wrong. So I tried "gorilla," because from what I remember he was pretty large. I actually found out the he was a chimp when I read this article.

So He was a Chimp. A very large chimp that sat in a cage outside a bar by the river. In fact he was a beer guzzling chain smoking chimp. He always looked so sad, but it was so exciting to see him. How often do you see a chimp in the Midwest NOT in the Zoo?

How often do you see a chimp bumming cigarettes from passer-bys and drinking beer and pops(soda) squeezed between the bars?



    (Did you know, I NEVER saw Sam?) Part of my excuse is fear. Part of my excuse was disgust. I'd be sad too, but gosh, he was quite the institution.

  2. I feel bad for that poor chimp!

  3. Poor chimp!

    I really like these friday flashbacks you do. They bring back so many of my own memories! I think I am going to steal your idea and do my own friday flashbacks on my blog(if that is okay with you).

  4. Just curious, is the stuffed monkey head, inside the Train Stop, Sam's head?

  5. There is NO stuffed head insde The Train Stop! SO < NO... for all wondering. There are deer heads and plenty of room for idiots that make comments like that though. (If need be)! No one understands how Sam was part of th family there. he had his own bed and TV in his cage outside. Before the Health Dept. stepped in and complained that no animals could be inside, he used to sit at the bar and YES, drink and smoke.