Thursday, August 30, 2007

Friday Flashback

Remember when cRiMpInG your hair was cool?

I've said this before... but I had this thing
about not smiling in pictures when
I was a kid. This is me in 1st grade.
I'm guessing 1991?

How about Stick on Earrings?


  1. HAHA!!! I totally had the crimped hair and the stick on earings!! I am working on my friday flashback right now, so come by later and check it out.

  2. Don't think of it as 'not smiling', think of it as a Mona Lisa smile.

  3. I remember crimping, but I never did it. You're so photogenic!

  4. Oh yeah, MONA LISA baby! Wonder why I didn't think of that!!!

  5. What do you mean! i thought it still was!

    rnning off to straighten it now :)

  6. We had a crimper but I don't remember using it. My sister used it a lot and we have some totally awful photos of her and her "way cool" hair!

    My sister used to wear the stick on earrings all the time. I used to tease her because I had real earrings and she had stupid stickers that she would get her crimped hair caught in.