Sunday, August 19, 2007

Golf Adventures

This is what happens when you let two best friends out on a the course. You don't have to point out that we suck. I think the numbers speak for themselves. Tiffany just got whatever number sounded good at the moment. I got what you see. the 49 is an improvement from my 51 last time.

Click to enlarge
Stars = where I lost balls
S= where I got stuck in the sand

Lucky number 7, that was a good hole. We had some VERY slow kids and parents in front of us. They were on the next hole, pretty much out of the way... Anyway I hit the ball, aimed a little wrong and sunk the ball through their cart's back window. It took a bounce inside - off the floor and roof.... and then out the front. Did I mention the kids were still in the cart. Thank god I didn't kill one of them. I felt so bad!

I'm golfing again tomorrow. The goal is to improve and not kill anyone!


  1. OMG, I lol and read it out loud to dh!

    Work on those goals in ernest!

  2. I know nothing of golf - except who Tiger Woods is. That's it. Really.

  3. golf isn't my thing. I have never been interested. However, out of the blue one day my daughter mentioned wanting to play.

  4. Why oh why didn't you video this? LOL

  5. My best ever 9 holes (on a full size course) is 36 :-D

    To give you hope, my worst ever was 79!!

    Keep it up, I've been playing since 1988.....