Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I Blame the Pain Killers for this Non-Sense

I’ve been taking some pain killers the past couple days because I injured my back at the driving range. I think they are responsible for the CRAZY dreams I have been having, and actually remembering.

I just woke up from one… and not having much to blog about lately, I thought I would share.

I’m visiting my mom in Arizona right now and it is Monsoon Season. There has been a lot of rain and talk of people driving through high water. In fact we were talking about those idiots tonight before bed.

So anyway… My dream

In my dream I was back in Ohio. It was raining like crazy, but I HAD to get to whereever I was going… and it was a long road trip deal. Well, it starts to flood. My car starts floating - on the highway. Do I hesitate? No. Why not you ask? Because I apparently have superhuman strength, either that or my Saturn only weighs as much as your typical pool toy. Anywhoo… there I am in my car floating down the highway (all of the cars stay in their respective lanes of course)… I decide that there is NO way my car is going to get ruined. I hop out into the waist deep water. FLIP my car over, get UNDER it. And rest the hood on my head (keeping the engine, the most important part out of the water) and start trudging along. As I’m walking I notice the flood is only happening on the highway, so I take the next exit and head for the BP. Half way up the exit its dry again. No more standing water. So I flip my car back over and head into the BP thorough the basement door.

There’s the problem right there. Since when do BP gas stations have a basement door? I walk up the stairs and into the hallway I open a bedroom door and think “oops! I must have opened an adjoining apartment door…” I walk farther down the hallway in search of the rest of the BP station… when it dawns on me that I’m in someone’s house. Just then a mean looking pug comes barking after me and I notice that I have woken up a fat bald man wearing a dirty wifebeater. I bolt out the front door before he notices me. I realize I have NO money with me, and that I have left my purse here in the room I’m staying in at my mom’s in Arizona so I can’t call a soul for help. I decide that I better get back to my car and drive home, I’m only an hour out anyway. I pat my pockets for the keys. Shit. I never took them out of the car. I start running down the highway, faster than all of the cars, in search of my car. I keep running and running and I start crying because I can’t remember where I left my car and it’s my only way home!!

… Then I woke up, called myself an idiot because I remember I left the car on the off ramp… then I laughed at myself. Then I wrote this… I better re-read it because I doubt it can actually be followed as a story.

It’s just a dream. They aren’t supposed to make sense.


  1. Heck, you shoulda stayed up, I got up only 3 minutes later, lol.

    Better lay off those painkillers!

  2. oh that was 4 ohio time, I was only up aroud 1

  3. Let's carry your car on your head through a flood and you say the reality problem starts at the basement door of the BP?? :^)

    BTW, if your back muscle are tight or spasming, try a Thermacare. They help me a lot.

  4. Did you know I analyze dreams? :)

    A dream car represents your "drive" in life. Since you were at the wheel, you feel pretty much in control of things right now. Even that fact that the car floated confirms that. (If it had sunk you would have been "in over your head" or something.) Then you go and pick the damn thing up! LOL

    There may be a little annoyance (the flood) but you can see your way out (the ramp). It's not at all overwhelming.

    However.. the house tells me something else.

    Perhaps the annoyance I mentioned is someone trying to tell you what to do (barking at you). You may have even brought it on yourself (waking up the man).

    You LOST your car then. But you did go running at a superhuman speed to find it. (Making sure you stay in control.)

  5. hahah thanks for that skittles!! :-)