Tuesday, August 28, 2007


My fellow Cincinnatian Blogger took this wonderful and colorful picture in Sand Island beach, in the Honolulu area during the summer of 2006.

I surprisingly received many entires and it was SO hard to choose!

I picked the picture that made me say WOW.

Honorable Mentions:
Barb aka Skittle's for the Cutest Pic
Erin for Most Tempting (I would just love to blow all those dandelions!)
Frank for Best Textured

Thanks you to ALL of you that participated I enjoyed seeing you photos and glad you entered!



  1. Ha -- Too cool! Glad you liked it and thanks for the link.

    I love the rock image. The lines from the layers really get your eye moving around the photo.

  2. WOW and WOW.

    The others are terrific too!

    Funny, you don't like GOING to the beach (laying out in the sun, etc...but you like to VISIT! There's alot to be said for kicking back and listening to the waves and wandering looking for pretties in the sand.

  3. Thanks for the mention!! Glad you like the picture and yes the dandelions were very tempting. I think my puppy got to most of them before I could!! He loved eating them.

  4. I guess...

    Just kidding! It's a wonderful choice!!!

    I made a wonderful choice too. Go pick up your award at my blog!

  5. That is an awesome picture! I really like the dandelions pic too. My rock texture picture was taken in Hawaii too, off the east coast on the way to Makapu'u

  6. Love the winning photograph. I looked though all my pictures and I couldn't find anything good enough.