Friday, August 10, 2007


I'm on call this weekend. For those of you don't know I am an RA for off campus student housing. I occasionally have on-call weekends where I am held hostage on the property all weekend. Great fun. It's a little boring at times, but I can't really complain... I'm almost forced to catch up on my sleep - which I have NO problem with.

Anywhoo. While I'm on-call I have desk shifts... and here I am right now. I have been Stumbling for the last hour and a half.

I know. It's sad. But here is a fun/iron thing I stumbled upon.

25 Signs That Computers and the Internet Rule Your Life
  1. You can't remember the last time you wrote an entire paragraph using a pen and paper.
  2. You consider Internet a basic utility.
  3. Between your Internet and your TV, you would rather lose your TV.
  4. Between your Internet and your phoneline, you would rather lose your phoneline.
  5. The Internet IS your phoneline.
  6. You carry a flash drive in your purse or pocket.
  7. You carry a laptop with you wherever you go-or you wish you could.
  8. You have a callous on your right wrist, where you rest your hand when you use your mouse.
  9. Your “diary” is not protected with a lock and key, but with a username and password - and it is open to be read by anybody in the world. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING.

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