Monday, August 6, 2007

Summer Book Review #4 & #5

Title: Love You To Death
By: Melissa Senate
Pages: 304

Book Description:
When did Abby Foote's life become an episode of Law & Order?

First, a former boyfriend (who dumped Abby in the most humiliating way imaginable) is found murdered the day his engagement is announced.

Then two other ex-boyfriends report attempts made on their lives right after breaking up with her. Coincidence? Detective Benjamin Orr, of the Portland Police Department (and Very Probing Questions and Incredibly Delicious Face), doesn't think so. Neither do Abby's friends, family, coworkers and other exes--who are suddenly shaking in their shoes. Soon everyone is sucking up to her as though the Abby they know and supposedly love to death is capable of poisoning their drinks….

Is someone trying to frame her?

Who? And why? She has to find out fast. Because by-the-book Ben is bound to break her heart.

Which makes him next on someone's list…

What I thought:
I absolutely LOVED this book. I read it in a grand total of six hours. In one day (I was traveling by plane and had a 3 hour layover). I would describe it as a "Hip Mystery." I don't know what to say... I don't want to spoil it.... But girls if you have every had a shitty boyfriend or no luck dating, this is the book for you (It could be worse).



Title: Come Back: A Mother and Daughter's Journey Through Hell and Back (Paperback)
By: Claire Fontaine & Mia Fontaine
Pages: 320

Book Description:
How does an honor student at one of Los Angeles's finest prep schools–a nice girl from a happy, loving home–trade school uniforms and afternoons at the mall for speedballs in the back of a truck in rural Indiana? How does her devoted mother emerge from the shock of finding that her daughter has not only disappeared but had been living a secret life for more than a year?

Mother and daughter tell their parallel stories in mesmerizing first–person accounts. Claire Fontaine's story is a parent's worst nightmare, a cautionary tale chronicling her daughter Mia's drug–fueled manipulation of everyone around her as she sought refuge in the seedy underworld of felons and heroin addicts, the painful childhood secrets that led up to it, and the healing that followed. Her search for Mia was brutal for both mother and daughter, a dizzying series of dead ends, incredible coincidences and, at times, miracles. Ultimately, Mia was forced into harsh–but–loving boot camp schools on two continents while Claire entered a painful but life–changing program of her own. Mia's story includes the jarring culture shock of the extreme and controversial behavior modification school she was in for nearly two years, which helped her overcome depression and self–hatred to emerge a powerful young woman with self–esteem and courage.

Come Back is an unforgettable story of love and transformation that will resonate with mothers and daughters everywhere.

What I thought:
I did like this book, though it's not at the top of the list. At times I felt like it seemed a little bit like a self help book... but only becuase it went "deep" as far as emotions and realizing them. But it was good, I especially liked how it flipped from the Mom (Claire) telling her story and the daughter (Mia) telling her story.


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  2. great reviews - hadn't heard of these books, but now am intrigued.. take care and happy Monday :)

  3. Hi, I was reading your mom's blog where she posted a link to see your fabric postcard. However, I have not been able to find it. I have just made my first set, I do sew garments but I don't really craft and it is a challenge.

    I hope you will continue sewing and crafting.


  4. Oh, they both sound GOOD!

  5. I am defiantly going to check those two books out, they sound really interesting! Thanks.

  6. I love your recommendations, can't wait to read this next one!

  7. Hey! Thanks for the heads-up! I haven't read a book all summer and I feel terrible about it. Ah, well, I'll make up for it in the Fall.

    Anyways, my favorite author is George R. R. Martin. You should try book 1 of his epic, high-fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire, titled "A Game of Thrones". It starts off a bit slow, but picks up and I promise you won't be able to put the books down. :P

  8. The results are in!! Check em out and see where your blog ranks!