Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Book Review #8

Title: Stupid and Contagious
By: Caprice Crane
Pages: 336

Book Description:
Twenty-six-year-old Heaven Albright is a failed PR executive turned embittered waitress. Twenty-nine-year-old Brady Gilbert is a struggling independent music producer with no bands and a get-rich quick product idea: Cinnamilka delicious beverage derived from leaving cereal in the bowl too long. What do these two people have in common? Not much except for a shared dislike for one another as neighbors. You see, Heaven has an annoying habit of opening Bradys mail. The tide turns, however, when she rescues Brady from an awkward encounter with his psycho ex-girlfriend, sparking an unlikely friendship and a united quest to pitch Cinnamilk to the founder of Americas biggest coffee chain. But will Brady and Heavens fortune-seeking adventures also brew romance?
What I thought:
I really have a problem. This is another book I have read in less than 24 hours. In other words... this was a freaking awesome book! The book is about two characters, Brady and Heaven.... who take turns with the chapters in the book. Which I love, because you get to know what the are both thinking. Heavens crazy, Brady not so much... they end up neighbors and find they have a lot in common. Great book. Funny. Cute. Great! Now I really want a glass a Cinnamilk!

... I spent $45 dollars at the bookstore the other day. I kind of felt bad about spending so much... but it was definitely worth it. I picked up this book, and another by the same author... I cant WAIT to read it! Oh yeah and The Nanny Diaries.


  1. um, can you say LIBRARY CARD? lol

    I know, it's the lure of the bookstore that puts it's books face-out, I can't resist them either. In fact, there is a book sale in my lobby at work today...woo-hoo!