Sunday, September 23, 2007

Caffeine Crazy No More...

I'm hopelessly addicted to Coca-Cola. If it's there, I'll drink it. If I'm sleepy I'll go get one. Heck If I'm bored I'll go get one. I crave those tiny little bubbles and the AH feeling after that first sip. And after writing that - I want one.

... However, times have changed.

For the past week I have not had ANY coke to drink.... Actually I haven't had ANY pop. (except for the one today that I rewarded myself with.) I have been drinking some water, and A LOT of Gatorade, Poweraide and juices... which I KNOW are not any better.

So a long while back I was going to do a 30 day experiment. My experiment was going to be cutting out pop and not changing anything about my work/diet to see if my weight would change. Well tomorrow I commit to that 30 day experiment. Except that I'm going to change it to a 30 day challenge. Because I'm sure it's going to be challenging, and I'm going to challenge you! can you do it? are you up for it? Try! Think about how much crap you would be cutting out. (think about how much peeing you would do drinking only water!) Not to mention the health benefits and opportunity to break bad habits!

So here's what I plan to do.

*Drink ONLY water
*Drink at least 64 oz. of water a day.
*Keep track.
* Update on Monday Mornings:
*Average oz. of water intake per day for the week
*Total ounces of water intake for the week
*Total ounces of water intake for the 30days
*Total weight.
* Total Weight loss.

Now when I was going to try the experiment earlier I wasn't going to change any other habits of my diet. For the challenge however, I'm going to try. I'm going to try to do SOMETHING every day. I don't care what it is. I'm also going to TRY to eat better. but The only thing I'm 100% committing to is the water only.

So, Are you game?


  1. I can only try.

    Can I go potty first tho?


  2. Good luck with this!!! I would join you, but I'd miss my morning (decaf) coffee too much. Other than that I could handle water the rest of the time.


  3. Good luck Erika!!
    I don't drink pop, so this one would be easy for me. But I do have some other eating habits that I should really try and break.

  4. Yeesh! I'm a Diet Coke guy myself. I admit. I'm weak and not up to the challenge. But, good luck! BTW, thanks for adding yourself to my frappr map. I really appreciate it!