Thursday, September 13, 2007

Friday Flashback #2

Katie was our second family dog. She is the one I will write about today, because all I can remember about the first one, Sparky, is that he bit the ass off my favorite doll. So Back to Katie. Katie was a Cocker Spaniel with extremely sensitive ears. She LOVED tomatoes and would even travel over to various neighbors gardens to pick and eat some. We always knew where she'd been when she came home with a red beard and guilty looking eyes. What a great dog. What a SMART dog... She would be waiting by the door before we even finished our pizza order on the phone. Every time. With out fail. She would sit by the door and as soon as she saw the headlights coming down the driveway she would wag shake and whine with excitement. There was no need for the Pizza Man to knock, Katie let us know he was there. As soon as the deliveryman would round the corner she would start barking. She HATED anyone wearing a hat. We'd open the door, insisting she was friendly.... As soon as she would run out the door, she peed with excitement on the front porch. Every time. With out fail. After a while they stopped putting the address on the pizza box label. it just said "Pizza Dog."

The only thing that dog ever did to upset me was puke on my bean bag. I was so pissed I had to throw it away. Katie was getting old and sick... she wondered off and was hit by a car... The street I lived on claimed many of my childhood pets.


  1. I loved our Katydid! Stinky ears and all. She was so tolerant as she was dressed in softball uniforms, hats, bows and she loved us just as much. Great dog, I miss her!

    Sparky was SO bad. Should have known better than to try a beagle. He was so bad we gave him back to where he came!

    Do you know your t-shirt says, "Where's the Beef?" Even at 2 you were looking for a man! lol

  2. Growing up, I also had a cocker spaniel named Katie....and she peed everytime anyone walked in the door and pet her. My friends knew the drill. They could say 'Hi Katie' but they couldn't pet her for 15 minutes.

    Her favorite thing in life was the little bit of carrot she got before bedtime.

    My dad was so crushed when they had to have her put to sleep. To this day he wont buy a bag a baby carrots.

    When I adopted our dog we asked for help naming her. My mom said we should call her Ally.

    Just like the show, Kate and Ally, those dogs were best buds.

  3. What a cute dog! It is funny how dogs have "habits". All of my dogs have had some weird habits.