Thursday, September 20, 2007

Friday Flashback

Me and my friend Jessica got bored a lot in high school. Sometimes when this happened... we'd write "poems." Actually I can only think of two that we actually did. This is one. Pretty much all of it includes inside jokes. The only reason I'm going to attempt to explain some of it is becuase when I'm old I probably won't be able to remember it and I want to!

I need something right there
And I need bigger underwear
(I have no idea.. but this is probably what go us going. Laughing because one of us rhymed off the other.)
What was that noise?
Just a bunch of drunk boys.
(We were sleeping in the car at our senior camp out, which was in the high school parking lot.)
Don't hate on J. To
(Jessica's nick name)
Fe fi fo ho... mo... so!
Can you do the limbo?
How low can you go?
(Something a friend said that we thought was hilarious.)
And I just saw Ass!
(Ass was this super hot guy with a super awesome ass. We called him Ass. Go figure.)
High school's over
And we're the only ones sober.
(this was probably 100% true)

Erika cleaned my window with her feet
(My feet reached the window while I was stretched out across the backseat to sleep. Soooo I did a little cleaning.)
And we're the same height, that is neat!
(Have you ever seen Orange County?)

I know it makes no sense. We were probably severely sleep deprived and had just survived senior year!! I'm so thankful to have the memory!


  1. :) that was funny. Just reminded me of my high school days where silliness had no boundaries.

  2. Now, the challenge is...maintaining that silliness and reckless abandon, at least in spirit.

    And your notes? Yeah, I can GUARANTEE you'll need 'em. *sigh*

  3. It sounds like you had fun!

  4. what was our other poem???