Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Letter to THAT Kid.

This is me, chipmunk style. It just sounded so much better. For some reason it goes twice. I have no idea why. Hey, I'm new at this. And somehow I screwed up my banner. Can anyone else not see it?

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Dear Mr. Crunchy,

I understand that a day full of classes can make you very hungry. I myself get hungry. I even pack my self some food. I noticed that you do to. However, I bring a snack pack of cheese crackers -you bring a fucking 3 course meal. Okay, Okay it may not be a three course meal but becuase that pizza hut and bread sticks smells so good it might as well be. Oh, And that Jimmy Johns sub you had the other day - It looked delicious, I couldn't help but notice... Your extremely annoying paper crumpling right in the middle of class kind of made of hard not to look.

you food is potent. Your loud. You chew with your mouth open... I can't here a word the professor is saying. and most of all. I'm hungry and your food smells so damn good. I hate you.



  1. The banner is fine, but the clip is only a long thin black box and is unclickable.

    My 2 workmates snack all darn day. I hear one crackly snack bag after another. One keeps her snacks in a file and out it goes. Those crackly bags hold wonderful things, things I don't have at the moment. The same moment I hear my tummy grumble. I can hear the Coke being opened, the bubbles tugging at the lid, pffft.

    I sip my noncaloric coffee and sigh.

  2. Oh gosh, that was GREAT! It sounded like you...but it didn't. Crazy stuff.

  3. they call it the mushroom house... i've never seen it! i want to so bad! so go check it out and see what it's like!!

    It's on the corner of Erie Avenue and Tarpis in the neighborhood of Hyde Park in Cincinnati. A major intersection nearby you could use for a map search is Marburg Ave and Erie Ave.

  4. Oh no! I feel so bad for your tummy! How rude!