Thursday, September 6, 2007

Quick Rant

This a is a quick rant before I head off to the second job of the day.

Sometimes I'm amazed that certain people have the positions they have. A boss that attacks your system of doing things (even though yours makes more sense) and when you try to explain it they don't even give you the time of day because ... well your just doing it WRONG (aka not the way they would do it... but there is not said right way anyway!) ... Well that boss sucks. A boss that puts you down at EVERY chance they get... well they suck too. A boss that jumps to conclusions... A boss that becuase they're a boss thinks/acts like they are AUTOMATICALLY BETTER than everyone else...A boss that has NO people skills and NEVER puts them self in others positions... they suck too. A boss that talks bad about other employees behind there backs... FUCK THAT, They suck. An Impatient BITCH. I fucking hate that shit.

Maybe they should be attending the training sessions. Not the rest of us.

I have a right to say this. Out of all the jobs I've had this person is by far the WORST. sure. They are qualified for the position and they do a good job.... but this person IS NOT NICE.


  1. I am sorry to hear that, that really suck. Working for someone like that must be really hard. Hang in there.

  2. I worked for a boss like this when I worked at Bed Bath and Beyond. I really loved my job but I hated the store manager. He was definitely a spirit breaker.

    I ended up getting fired because I refused to clean the mens bathroom. Hello...I worked in housewares and I wasn't a janitor.

    Bite me Fran!

    Hope you have a better day tomorrow!

  3. Just remember how well you do YOUR job and let the little people be just plain little.


  4. A nasty boss can make even the best job a nightmare. Hang in there!

  5. I think we had the same boss...

    I say HAD because I fucking quit my job yesterday! weeeee

    I got the chance to yell this at my boss .."GOD! You're such and OLD FUCKING ASSHOLE!"

    ahhhh it was nice! and the great thing about it was I started a new job today at 7 am! I'm a Senic Painter for a set design warehouse... it's so fucking sweet! and soooooo I mean sooo much better than my last web design job!

    quiting that job was the best thing ever! FUCK WITH SWANY and MEET YOUR MAKER!

    god he was such and asshole!

    ... i'm sad because there's no post about how i drove 15 hours to come hang out with you and eat bruggers and pizza!!!

  6. Would you like to help Warm The Globe? Come see how!

  7. Head on out of there Erika, bad bosses aren't worth a second of your time.....