Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I'm Going Hiking in the Himalayas (I HOPE)

I have been accepted to the National Outdoor Leadership School. I will be going to India to hike the Himalayas for 30ish days.... that is if I can come up with the mula (cash, $, bling, bills, green paper, dough).

I have my heart set on this trip and was absolutely HEARTBROKEN that I did not get a scholarship. I really don't know why. I'm super qualified and plan on a career involving the outdoors. I feel like this is a once and a lifetime chance and I fell like I have the opportunity to learn SO much.

So this is where I beg. Mostly I beg for creative ideas on how to come up with the mula. It would be cool if I could do something with blogging some how. I'm still trying to think of something. Any ideas? Please share! In the mean time there is a button on the right hand side of your screen. Do what you want with it.

I'm looking at $6,500 bill right now, not including plane tickets and gear! :-(

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I've Been Wrecking

By a Journal. Wreck it. Instructions up to interpretation.

It's For a Good Cause!

An old college suite mate is running a race with her husband for a good cause... so I thought I'd throw this up here to hopefully get some more donations for them!

Go check it out!

Monday, October 29, 2007

This is How I Ace College Classes

Click the picture for a larger and more detailed perspective!

It's midterm time and my sheet is about full... time to start another one ;-) I have worked on this in every class. And YES I'm passing them. For some reason the doodling helps me pay attention. I take notes too. I'm just multi-talented like that!

Can you find the candy corn?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Friday Flashback

I rode the bus to school everyday until high school. We lived off a busy street and my stop was right on the corner. We had many kids on our street who were the same age... so instead of all standing at our own driveways we would join together. The stops change driveways here and there but mostly it was at the top of my driveway... it was in the middle and connected to another driveway.

When we weren't running out the door to catch the bus... we did a lot of stupid kid stuff while we waited. We would throw rocks into the road (NOT when cars were coming) and we would get excited and cheer when our rock got run over by a car. I remember locking elbows with the kids at the bus stop, taking steps at the same time singing "Ompa Lumpa..." We did a lot to pass the time. Once I even hit in the eye with a rock.

My bus driver was nicer than meaner, but she wasn't my best pal. her kids rode the same bus. They weren't on our route but we drove by there house so she just picked them up anyway. My bus driver went to our church as well (we really didn't go that much) but I remember I had to pee in the middle of church and when I was walking back from the bathroom, she kindly pulled the skirt out of the back of my tights. I would have been mortified if I had walked back in to the pew. She didn't let me get that far. For that I am grateful.

The kids on the bus were O.K. There was one fat kid with a skinny eye bulging sidekick. They were mean. They made fun of my forehead. It's huge. But I've gotten over that. When they looked over the back of the seat and made fun of my friend for being fat(ironically the fat kid said it).... I popped him in the face. We didn't hear anything from them after that. I guess my bus driver didn't see and he was too embarrassed because I never got in trouble.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Have You Met My Sister?

My older sister 'Swany' is embarking on the wonderful world of blogging. She has a lot more computer experience than I do and she makes fun websites/games. She's random, crazy and fun!

Go check out her blog. Her most recent post Swany and Rick, directs you to a site that showcases some wonderful photos of a killer road trip! I even make an appearance!

So go.. And Leave a comment if you like it! Tell her I sent you ;-)

Chilly October Night

It me 15 minutes to finish my exam for my evening class. Is that bad or good? I feel pretty confident. Anyway, as I was walking back to class I noticed the pretty sky... so I ran for my camera. The pictures didn't take as quite as well as I'd hoped, but still they are pretty neat!

I love the flag in this one.


Look at the car lights at the bottom!

I need Photshop. I could do so much with those...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Too Late

I just liked this song. interesting video too. Thought I'd Share.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Kiss Kiss Bang

I haven't had bangs since the disaster that was middle school. I love them now!!! Kisses.

Oh. How could I forget. I let the girl who does my hair do my eyebrows. I usually reserve that right for a different girl at a different salon. But I was feeling gutsy. Big mistake. My eyebrows aren't my eyebrows anymore. They look like someone else's and do not look like they belong on my face!

Can anyone say permanently happy?

10/23 - okay they have grown on my. I love my eyebrows now!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pissed off Erika. Again.

Oh I called my Mom today crying and laughing at myself for this one. Ladies, you might understand that more than anyone.

I am taking a Mass Communications class for my Social Sciences Minor. Last week we had to complete a Media Log. For the log we had to to keep track of at the media we used an encountered for two days. We also had to do a short write up about it and what we learned. We got them back in class today. I was extremely shocked about my B-. I thought maybe I forgot to include a point or forgot to attach the log... but no nothing. Only a couple marks on my paper. It was supposed to be a short and sweet write up. It wasn't FORMAL. It wasn't a research paper for god sakes. I apparently forgot to tab over on the first paragraph, typed "a" instead of "as" and failed to start a new paragraph where she thought one should start. Yes yes, I know I'm in college and maybe shouldn't have those errors.... but it just pissed me off at the wrong time.

Anyway... at the end of class she makes us write the DUMB little "What I learned in class" papers and turn them in (seriously I feel like I'm in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL). So I responded with an elementary answer. I wrote "I learned that I wasn't the only one upset with my grade on the Media Log." (When she passed them out the group of people I sit around and myself had a little "what the fuck" discussion).

So I get home from class and get an e-mail. HAhaha. Read on. Click on the picture if you need it bigger!

Oh and for the record. I KNOW my grammar sucks... and I blame it on typos. My brain is so much faster than my fingers.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Friday Flashback (On Sunday)

I know I know. I'm getting really bad about doing these things on-time.

This is one of my favorite pictures. My Dads head got a little cut off but oh well. This picture was taken at my Aunt Trish's wedding. Me and Lisa passed out the little bags of rice you throw at the couple as they walk out.

Left to right : Little sister Lisa, Dad, Me

Saturday, October 13, 2007

I'm an Optical Illusion!

Click the picture to see a larger one. My eyes stay the same color in each picture.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I Had some extra time today.... So I went to Winton Woods for a little picture snapping. There wasn't much exctiting to photograph, so I did what I could with what I had :-)

Click the picture to see some more.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Free Association Sunday

She Said, I thought.

  1. Cluster :: Stars
  2. Announcement :: Morning
  3. Respect :: Me
  4. Incident :: Report
  5. Accordion :: Loud
  6. Drunk :: Crazy
  7. If :: and when
  8. Dexter :: cartoon?
  9. Wedding :: dress
  10. Gambling :: money

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Another Rant by Erika

*How NOT to use your cell phone*
Profanity included.

Do not text while driving.
Though you may think you are invincible in your Hummer, Suburban or whatever other massive gas guzzler you drive... the rest of us are not.

Don't Slow down
A lot of people blame cell phones for car accidents. People just drive SO crazy when they are on their cellphones.

People drive like fucking grandmas when they are on their cell phones. Please tell me I'm not the only one who always get stuck behind that moron going 45 on the highway... It's annoying and dangerous. Stop now.

Do not use your cellular device at the table.
This includes dinner at home, I'm sure it drives your family members nuts. But most of all this one is directed towards restaurants. I don't care who your with... friends or family, I don't even care what you're doing texting or talking - it's rude. It's rude to the people you are with, and think about it - When your in a restaurant your tend to be in close courters with other people.... which leads me to my next point.

Do not yell
I never did get this, yet I have been guilty. Why is it that when we are on a cell phone we talk a whole heck of a lot louder than we need to? Don't even get me started on people over 40. It's ten times worse with you people (but i still love you!)

This leads me to yet another point...

Do not Argue with your significant other
Amazingly I have seen/heard this on multiple occasions. There is nothing more awkward to see, be in the presence of or be with someone who is arguing on the phone with their boyfriend/girlfriend. Especially when you start to cry. It's weird for other people, we don't want to hear it... and most of all, we can't hold our laughter in anymore. You are ridiculous, please save this for a private setting, or just hang up on the jackass.

Ditch the earpiece.
I think its more properly called bluetooth? I don't really know. Now its okay when you're in the car and you need some hands free conversation...IF you want the person in the next car over to think you are talking to yourself. And we will. And we will laugh.
But what erks me the most about this one - is when I pass you and say hello or you walk into a room and say something. I think you are talking to me. Then you slightly turn and I realize you are holding a conversation with someone else and I feel like an ass. It is not fair to make friendly people like myself feel like an ass.

Which brings me to another point...

If you want service. Put down the phone.
I've worked many jobs where customer interaction is essential. But what the fuck do you do when some one walks in the door? You don't want to greet them like your told... becuase their on the phone. So you nod your head in their general direction and smile. But then they come up to the counter and expect you to know what they want as they toss some money down on the counter in your general direction. As you wait for them to finish up their sentence or as you wait for them to wait for the other person to stop talking... a line starts to form.


I don't talk on the phone while I wait on you. Just becuase I have a low paying job doesn't mean you can treat me like I don't matter! It's RUDE.

I hate the invention of the cellphone. Though I would be lost with out it.

Anymore to add? I love comments!!

Friday Flashback (on Saturday)

My Dad the handyman, took our whole unfinished basement... and finished it. There was one area in particular where he let us kids help (Mom too!). Now I thought this was in the basement closests (that ugly carpet tells me otherwise).... but I'm just going to write it how my memory remembers!

Anyway. Dad let us make are mark.. on the walls! How cool. So if you shall end up living in my childhood home someday and decide to demolish or remodel. You can have a look at some of my artwork while in the process!

Here is the artwork of my two sisters...

Book Review #9

Title: Forget About It
By: Caprice Crane
Pages: 351

Book Description:
Jordan Landau is having a bad life. At twenty-five, she is attractive, smart, funny and talented. But all that doesn't keep her mother from calling her fat, her boss from stealing her ideas, and her boyfriend from cheating on her. Day in and day out, she sits back and watches as everyone walks all over her. Then one day while riding her bike home from a particularly awful day, Jordan collides with a car door and is knocked clear off her bicycle. Coming to in the hospital, Jordan realizes she has a perfect excuse for a "do-over"; she vows to fake amnesia and reinvent herself. And it works. Finally, Jordan is able to get the credit she deserves at work, and she stands up to her family and her jerk boyfriend. She's living the life she always dreamed of--until the unthinkable happens. Suddenly Jordan must start over for real, and figure out what really makes her happy--and how to live a truly memorable life.

What I thought:
This is the second book by Caprice Crane that I have read. Which I think is a first for me- reading the same author twice. I loved this book too. It's about karma, friendship, true love, standing up for yourself and becoming a better person... even if you are trying to forget you. It was another one I couldn't put down. In fact - I can't put books down in general! If you're into Chic-lit as I am, you'll love it.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Oops - Water

I forgot to update on Monday about the water thing. I made myself an Excel sheet to keep track, but it ended up not working out to well. I just couldn't remember to do it! I have been drinking ONLY water though and it has been going a lot easier than I thought... I haven't lost any weight or anything, but I haven't gained any either which is good i guess.

I'll keep you posted!

Monday, October 1, 2007


Think about it. Every song you have ever heard can basically be summed up in three simple lines.

Don't believe me? Hop on over here and check it out. You can even make a request!

Go. Now!