Saturday, October 6, 2007

Another Rant by Erika

*How NOT to use your cell phone*
Profanity included.

Do not text while driving.
Though you may think you are invincible in your Hummer, Suburban or whatever other massive gas guzzler you drive... the rest of us are not.

Don't Slow down
A lot of people blame cell phones for car accidents. People just drive SO crazy when they are on their cellphones.

People drive like fucking grandmas when they are on their cell phones. Please tell me I'm not the only one who always get stuck behind that moron going 45 on the highway... It's annoying and dangerous. Stop now.

Do not use your cellular device at the table.
This includes dinner at home, I'm sure it drives your family members nuts. But most of all this one is directed towards restaurants. I don't care who your with... friends or family, I don't even care what you're doing texting or talking - it's rude. It's rude to the people you are with, and think about it - When your in a restaurant your tend to be in close courters with other people.... which leads me to my next point.

Do not yell
I never did get this, yet I have been guilty. Why is it that when we are on a cell phone we talk a whole heck of a lot louder than we need to? Don't even get me started on people over 40. It's ten times worse with you people (but i still love you!)

This leads me to yet another point...

Do not Argue with your significant other
Amazingly I have seen/heard this on multiple occasions. There is nothing more awkward to see, be in the presence of or be with someone who is arguing on the phone with their boyfriend/girlfriend. Especially when you start to cry. It's weird for other people, we don't want to hear it... and most of all, we can't hold our laughter in anymore. You are ridiculous, please save this for a private setting, or just hang up on the jackass.

Ditch the earpiece.
I think its more properly called bluetooth? I don't really know. Now its okay when you're in the car and you need some hands free conversation...IF you want the person in the next car over to think you are talking to yourself. And we will. And we will laugh.
But what erks me the most about this one - is when I pass you and say hello or you walk into a room and say something. I think you are talking to me. Then you slightly turn and I realize you are holding a conversation with someone else and I feel like an ass. It is not fair to make friendly people like myself feel like an ass.

Which brings me to another point...

If you want service. Put down the phone.
I've worked many jobs where customer interaction is essential. But what the fuck do you do when some one walks in the door? You don't want to greet them like your told... becuase their on the phone. So you nod your head in their general direction and smile. But then they come up to the counter and expect you to know what they want as they toss some money down on the counter in your general direction. As you wait for them to finish up their sentence or as you wait for them to wait for the other person to stop talking... a line starts to form.


I don't talk on the phone while I wait on you. Just becuase I have a low paying job doesn't mean you can treat me like I don't matter! It's RUDE.

I hate the invention of the cellphone. Though I would be lost with out it.

Anymore to add? I love comments!!


  1. AMEN!!! I am guilty of being an avid cell phone user, know when to put it on silence or when to hang up. I have narrowly missed a few car accidents because the idiot driver was too busy on his cell phone.

    And I totally agree, those bluetooth things drive me crazy.

  2. I'm of the opinion that people should have to pass a test and get a license to use a cell phone. There are too many idiots using them.

    I had a cell phone for years (not right now) and I refused to use it unless I was away from cars and people.

    I never used hands-free devices because I never put myself in that situation.

  3. Hehe. Love this post. And I hate freaking bluetooth. It just looks, well...stupid.

  4. I hate the people who wear bluetooths..they act so smug and important like they are so much better than everyone. I know they're talking to themselves, they aren't fooling me!

  5. Oh I hate those ear piece things. One afternoon a Dad came into the school to pick up his daughter. As he was standing at the office counter he says loudly "So, what's your problem?" I looked up from what I was doing and said "What? I don't have a problem." I then realized he was talking to someone else.

  6. I love it when you get feisty!