Saturday, October 6, 2007

Friday Flashback (on Saturday)

My Dad the handyman, took our whole unfinished basement... and finished it. There was one area in particular where he let us kids help (Mom too!). Now I thought this was in the basement closests (that ugly carpet tells me otherwise).... but I'm just going to write it how my memory remembers!

Anyway. Dad let us make are mark.. on the walls! How cool. So if you shall end up living in my childhood home someday and decide to demolish or remodel. You can have a look at some of my artwork while in the process!

Here is the artwork of my two sisters...


  1. Oh how cool! I used to journal on the inside of my sliding closet doors. My mom was so surprised when she finally took those doors down.

  2. Oh, geez, I remember this!! (Aren't you surprised?) Yeah, this is on the inside of the new hallway he made, on the left as you are walking from the kitchen to front door. Memories do get mixed up sometimes, just wait until you're old!

    *snicker* Look at your feet(is that some reflection of your TOES?, look at Sara's freckles, and did Lisa think she had hairy legs? hahaha