Thursday, October 25, 2007

Friday Flashback

I rode the bus to school everyday until high school. We lived off a busy street and my stop was right on the corner. We had many kids on our street who were the same age... so instead of all standing at our own driveways we would join together. The stops change driveways here and there but mostly it was at the top of my driveway... it was in the middle and connected to another driveway.

When we weren't running out the door to catch the bus... we did a lot of stupid kid stuff while we waited. We would throw rocks into the road (NOT when cars were coming) and we would get excited and cheer when our rock got run over by a car. I remember locking elbows with the kids at the bus stop, taking steps at the same time singing "Ompa Lumpa..." We did a lot to pass the time. Once I even hit in the eye with a rock.

My bus driver was nicer than meaner, but she wasn't my best pal. her kids rode the same bus. They weren't on our route but we drove by there house so she just picked them up anyway. My bus driver went to our church as well (we really didn't go that much) but I remember I had to pee in the middle of church and when I was walking back from the bathroom, she kindly pulled the skirt out of the back of my tights. I would have been mortified if I had walked back in to the pew. She didn't let me get that far. For that I am grateful.

The kids on the bus were O.K. There was one fat kid with a skinny eye bulging sidekick. They were mean. They made fun of my forehead. It's huge. But I've gotten over that. When they looked over the back of the seat and made fun of my friend for being fat(ironically the fat kid said it).... I popped him in the face. We didn't hear anything from them after that. I guess my bus driver didn't see and he was too embarrassed because I never got in trouble.


  1. You were super cute! I would have probably ignored you popping the bully too.

    Thanks for entering, good luck with the drawing.

  2. Good job on hitting the bully!!

    I never had to ride the bus until I was in grade 7. We moved to a new town and lived in the country. I never liked the bus!