Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I'm Going Hiking in the Himalayas (I HOPE)

I have been accepted to the National Outdoor Leadership School. I will be going to India to hike the Himalayas for 30ish days.... that is if I can come up with the mula (cash, $, bling, bills, green paper, dough).

I have my heart set on this trip and was absolutely HEARTBROKEN that I did not get a scholarship. I really don't know why. I'm super qualified and plan on a career involving the outdoors. I feel like this is a once and a lifetime chance and I fell like I have the opportunity to learn SO much.

So this is where I beg. Mostly I beg for creative ideas on how to come up with the mula. It would be cool if I could do something with blogging some how. I'm still trying to think of something. Any ideas? Please share! In the mean time there is a button on the right hand side of your screen. Do what you want with it.

I'm looking at $6,500 bill right now, not including plane tickets and gear! :-(


  1. I bet Chris Thermal's got a few ideas - paid posts and all that. Otherwise you'll just have to sell your body! Maybe you could auction off some of your hair clippings on eBay? Or sell some of those doodles? Maybe you could advertise your doodling services and set up a website where each doodle is an ad that some company has paid for: or or something. Shit I should have done that myself!

  2. haha that is a GREAT idea

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  4. sign up for yahoo and google adds... you can add those to your blog page.. and each time someone clicks... you get paid...

    Swany and Rick's amazing Travel site -- that's what I'm tring to do with this site

    so go there and help me out, click on my adds and when you get yours up I'll click away... I don't get that why when i ask people they don't do it... if they had adds i'll fucking click on theirs.. i don't care... we'd both being getting money and i'm cool with that.. can you dig?

    also paypal has donations... and they added a new feature to their donation box that you can add on your site...

    i wouldn't coun't on selling your shit on-line... for some reason people want to buy your stuff but don't want to pay... so in the long run you do more putting up a site than you would actually make... kinda like Swany and Rick's amazing Travel site -- i spent a month and a half, designing it, coding it, getting all the images ready, making seperate flash applications, adding google adds doing all the backend programing work... and NOTHING! all that...and all I ask is someone to click on my damn google adds so i can get a few pennies for my hard work!!! if i go to a site and see google adds and i know they made the site themselves i click... it's not that hard...

    i've even offered photoshop/graphic services for anyone that wants anything done.. and nothing... people are cheap and noone has money because of BUSH... so get a 3rd job and work your fingers to the bone cause if your not born into money it sure is fucking hard to get money in this country..

  5. Sara you are crazy. Love you anyway!
    There is a donate button on the right side of my blog!

  6. yes.. i see that...

    but id rather click something and have someone else pay you for what i did....

    it easy to sign up and get the adds... you can even change teh colors so they match your blog...

  7. come on where are the adds?

    i'm itching to click!

  8. In Norway minimum wage is 22$. Want work? :-)

  9. 22$/hr! that is CRAZY!

  10. Yes..maybe..but true :-)
    So pack your bag, and spend your summer here, work, travel....

  11. I cant even afford to go there! lol. I wish i could though!

  12. Then you have a problem :-) Ticet is about 850 usd. The rest is free.

  13. oh shit! is that Bjorg...BJORG.. are old exchange student!! no way!!!!

    shit I'll come visit! how the weather right now?

  14. Hi S
    I wrote you an email 3-4 month ago..Did you not get it? Its in the spamfilter i guess hahaha

    The weather is cold...might snow this weekend..but i hope not..hate snow. I live in the capitol, and citys and snow does not go well together.

    Yes..come visit!